Hawkins' Human Starbase

Sorry but I had to add this line to make the page look right. Sorry but I had to add this line to make the page look right.

Welcome Captain.

From here you are now able to get your own music system to take with you on your voyages.  After we have completed this starbase you will also be able to access our huge database to find out about all aliens that was discovered during the war and the revolt.

We were very optimistic about finishing the starbase up during the first month but after that strange satellite crashed into deck five, our hopes were smashed.  The starbase may take double the time to finish than we originally thought, because now we have to get extra supplies to survive on till we are self-sufficient.

The construction of the starbase has been halted due to a lack of funds and man-power.  This is because the High Council decided that the restoration of Earth is more important than strengthening its stronghold in the stars.  The completion date for this is roughly the 1 December of this year.

Will we be doomed forever?!  We secretly began using resources that was shipped to us for maintenance to further upgrade the starbase but now all communications has been cut off.  We can only wonder what happened and when we will be able to contact Star Control Headquarters again.

A couple of specially modified cruisers we built from starbase material, have begun scavenging the system for minerals so that we can continue with the building of the starbase.  We re-established communication with Earth.  The engineers rigged up a caster out of scratch material after the original was discovered missing!  It works but without the proper materials we really don't know how long the caster will hold.

At last we have to admit defeat to our situation.  The minerals in this star-system were very few so now we are stuck again until Star Control Headquarters can convince the High Council to allocate more resources to us.  Since it seems that the the base will not be finished before the year is done I have decided that I will start informing you of progress to the starbase as soon as it starts.  This will be roughly a month before the end of this year.

It took longer than we expected to get funding for upgrades to the starbase and still it takes some time between shipments.  We have started again with upgrades now exactly a year since work on revamping the starbase begun and on the first of January.  This might be a strange omen and hopefully a good one.

More good luck seems to have found it's way to us.  We are now getting steady shipments everyday and therefore we have decided to do a side project to put the history of Star Control into two movies.  The first will be about the war with the Hierarchy and the second about the rebellion.  This might be the largest project that we will undertake in the near future because it will be distributed to the whole of the Alliance.

Well just maintaining what has been build of the starbase is taking up more resources than we first thought would be needed.  From now on no promises can be made as to the upgrading of the starbase, because it is finished to a state it was build for: Being a waypoint for far traveling space ships.

Our movie project has been scrapped by the High Council and they have decided that we'd be of better use training new pilots.  We don't like this much but whatever we have to do to get funding to maintain the base must be done or we'll all lose our jobs.  This might actually be just what we needed to upgrade the base and finish the history achives.

If you felt a bit of a jolt recently it is because we are moving the starbase to another planet since the planet we were orbiting had too many meteorites in orbit which was interfering with docking procedures.  There are not as many resources on the new planet so we will keep mining the previous one and use the new QUICKTRANSPORT technology to transfer the raw minerals into the starbase's refinery.  There may be many other changes as well to the starbase soon as I am considering changing the module levels to a more logical order.

After the QUICKTRANSPORT failed and started transporting raw minerals into people's living rooms and into the corridors it was decided it would be safer to make do with the resources on the new host planet.  So now we are severely limited in resources and the recycler is working overtime.

In the meantime you can explore the place, just don't get in anybody's way and let me know if you find anything that needs my attention.

For those of you still interested in training you can go to my downloads page or directly to my downloadz page.

This page was last updated on Monday, December 04, 2000

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