Pictures from Star Control II

The photos below shows scenes from the famous problem solving simulator called "Star Control II : The Ur-quan Masters".  Click to get bigger&better picture, save in gif format preferably.


Intro Picture Intro Picture 1 Intro Picture 2 Intro Picture 3 Intro Picture 4 Intro Picture 5


Start Menu Battle won Ship Configuration Last Battle Sa-Matra Sa-Matra
Sa-Matra Sa-Matra Sol Alien contact


Ariloulaleelay Chmmr Dnyari Druuge Human Ilwrath
Ur-Quan : Kohr-Ah Melnorme Mycon Orz Pkunk Probe
Shofixti Slylandro Spathi High Council Spathi Supox Syreen
Thraddash Umgah Ur-Quan : Kzer-Za Utwig VUX Yehat
Zoq Fot Pik


Outro Picture 1 Outro Picture 2 Outro Picture 3 Outro Picture 4 Outro Picture 5 Outro Picture 6
Outro Picture 7 Outro Picture 8 The Mark II

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