Sorry but I had to add this line to make the page look right. Sorry but I had to add this line to make the page look right.
  In here you will find all kind of things associated with Star Control 1 & 2. 
Go to my Star Control Page, also called Hawkins' Human Starbase.

And the song of the day is:......There is none. I am pulling the plug on modplug since it is not maintained anymore and supporting it in new browsers are too much hassle for the average user. Might move over to some new audio system for the site if I am able.

I think my original vision of the site was as a way to play Star Control 2 online. This turned into a way to distribute the game and build a larger fan base. Of course I got a job and traded time for money, which meant I could finally host my own fan web site but had no time to work on it. So lets hope the next update doesn't take 7 years again.

This page was last updated on Monday 20 June 2011

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