Sorry but I had to add this line to make the page look right. Sorry but I had to add this line to make the page look right.

JavaScript doesn't work
Frame-related problem
Music driving you crazy / Want it to start again
New browser window opens and SCRIPT error message appears
Don't know where the links on the right side picture/menu leads to
A fourohfour (404) Error page opens
Other problem or error on page

Well there are two reasons why the JavaScript does not work.  The first: Netscape, I think, installs with JavaScript disabled.  This can be corrected by going to Edit>Preferences.  Then by going to Advanced and marking JavaScript and for fun all the other stuff in that catagory.  Secondly: The browser software you are using does not support JavaScript.  This could be that you are using an outdated program or a badly written one.  As always I would urge you to get the latest Netscape version.  How would you know if the JavaScipt works?  Well the menu at the start page would change when the mouse goes over the buttons.  

If you are having problems with these pages and it says that your browser is not capable of viewing frames then that is exactly why you are having problems.  However if you are sure that it should be capable then go to "View" or "Edit" at the top of your browser or wherever you options are located and choose "Options...". or "Preferences".  Then search around there for some place you can enable Java frames or something, maybe you can get it right.  

Want the music to stop?  Just press your browser's STOP button.  This however only works when a midi file is playing, on my new pages a MOD will be playing if you have modplug and JAVA.  The music controls are on the page that plays it.  If you want midi music to start again on a page that plays it just RIGHT-CLICK in frame and choose refresh.  

I found this error myself a couple of times before I found out what was causing it.  If you have this problem you are most probably using Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 or older Anyway this "special script" is the future in web pages but you can keep your browser from displaying these messages in the future by going to (MIE users go to "VIEW" at the top then) "Options" then "Security" and then disable "Run ActiveX scripts".  OK, that's it.  Now you'll have a dull, error free visit.  

Some Browsers don't show the script that appears when your mouse moves over a link in my picture/menu, espesially if you are using frames.  This is an uncorrectable error but I know that it occurs when using Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 or older.  When using the Netscape Communicator 4.05 Professional Eddition this error does not occur.  I am not going to list which browsers work and which don't, so get the latest NC.  

The most common reason for when this page is shown is that the link you clicked goes to a page that doesn't exist.  A default error page then opens and it is called a 404 error page.  My site shouldn't ever show this page as I do not put links in to a pages that I haven't uploaded or verified yet.  If such a page does show anyware at my site pleaz inform me.  

If you have any other problems please mail me as that is the only way I can find out if my pages work and maybe I can help you with YOUR problem if it wasn't caused by my being a bit lax when I wrote these pages.

  This page was last updated on Saturday, January 01, 2000
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